Our Company

    FRF Couriers was established in 1989 – a family business that began with two cars in the middle of a recession. It was during this time that FRF saw the potential in the market for a better, more reliable courier service. These tough beginnings built the foundation for a transport company built on passion, integrity, service and reliability. The little two car company operating out of the front office of a suburban home steadily grew into the national, 250 strong employee-based fleet it is today. To this day, FRF Couriers still remains family-owned and operated, with a core focus on customer service.

    Employee satisfaction and development is at the heart of the organisation – this can be seen in the number of staff members who have been with the company for over 25 years. Many of our office staff started their careers as drivers for FRF and it is this development and longevity from the ground up that gives us an edge in the industry.

    Whether you’re at our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane locations, you’ll encounter drivers in our fleet who have been with us for many years – they all have stories about the dedicated, team culture of FRF Couriers over the years. When not at his desk or in a meeting, our Managing Director can usually be found in the warehouse, inspecting vehicles and speaking with our drivers – it’s this hands on approach that allows us to constantly improve and evolve as an efficient provider of freight services.

    Decisions made back in 1989 have enabled our company to now hold its place at the forefront of the transport industry. We made the hard decision to run company-owned vehicles and drivers rather than taking the less risky option of subcontractors. We are continually integrating vehicles with hybrid technology into our fleet – the average age of our fleet is four years and we’re constantly searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

    By working with employee drivers we have an edge when it comes to driver appearance and performance, which in turn aids us when it comes to accurate job costings, fleet management and accountability – testament to the fact that professionalism is paramount in the transport industry.

    We pride ourselves on flexibility and bringing that personal touch to transport, ensuring it all adds up to a faster, more reliable and enjoyable transport experience… Because we want you to keep returning to FRF.


    “FRF Couriers is dedicated to adding value to the community we serve beyond just providing efficient, cost-effective transport options”.